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What were your best moments in 2022? Watch ours in this short video. Personally, I love good in-depth conversations. Two of which you can read in this issue – about the future of shipping and how we can reduce pollution caused by CO2 emissions. Dominik Englert, World Bank economist, asks the trillion dollar question. And Dr. Mikael Lind, maritime computer scientist, is convinced: No sustainability without digitalization. Both spoke at the Hapag-Lloyd Symposium at KLU about these topics.
At KLU I lead the Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL). Our interdisciplinary team works closely with companies and international institutions. Our research includes: (sustainable) port management and the energy transition, digitalization and technology in supply chains, the decarbonization of shipping, wind-assisted ship propulsion and electromobility on the water. Do you know about our unique electric school boat project in Columbia? Feel free to contact me about a potential collaboration.
KLU research in this newsletter: “Trust the Machine, Man! Enhancing the cooperation of humans and AI” and “With or against Each Other? Pay for Performance Can Harm the Team".
Wishing you conviviality this holiday season and beyond,

Prof. Dr. Gordon Wilmsmeier

Associate Professor for Shipping and Global Logistics
Director of the Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL)
Kühne Professorial Chair in Logistics, School of Management, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Guest Editor
P.S. For the festival of love we’ve published alumnus Jan Frahnert’s love story. He fell in love with logistics – at second glance. Read it for yourself…
Company Interview: Cremer Holding
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KLU in the Media: Selection
... with Prof. Dr. Ullrich Wegener, Cremer Holding
Cremer logo
Few companies are as diversified as CREMER, with its global network of industry, trade, and logistics. Cereal and pet food are a part of the portfolio right alongside minerals and ores. Is that good or bad in times of crisis? CEO Ullrich Wegner responds. Read the interview …
Our best moments ...

2022 was a year filled with special moments that we as a university shared with our students, alumni, guests, and partners. What made 2022 special for you?
Share your best moments with your network and with us – on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail. #KLUmoments
Acting President Christian Barrot Takes Charge
Christan Barrot, Acting President of KLU
KLU Dean of Programs, Prof. Christian Barrot has been named Acting President of the university. After close to a decade, Prof. Dr. Thomas Strothotte’s time as President and Managing Director of KLU has come to an end. KLU thanks Prof. Strothotte for his enormous dedication to excellence in research and teaching and to the continuous development of the university. A search committee has been established to find a suitable successor.
Conference Report: The Future of the Global Shipping Industry
a group of people gathered in the foyer of KLU
Hapag-Lloyd Symposium – International shipping experts from science, business, and politics met and discussed on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Hapag-Lloyd. What opportunities arise for the global shipping industry with decarbonization, potential growth shortfalls, supply chain restructuring, and emerging trade regions? An event by Hapag-Lloyd and the Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL), a KLU research center. Read more…
Interview series
View of a ship unloading at the port at night with lots of lights
Dr. Gordon Wilmsmeier, Director of the Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL) at KLU, dialogued with two speakers at the Hapag-Lloyd Symposium.
Shipping Industry: "Digitalization Is a Must-have"
Mikael Lind, Senior Research Advisor at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg/Sweden. Read the interview…
Sustainable Shipping: Sustainable Shipping: “The Classic Problem of the Chicken and the Egg”
Dominik Englert, Economist, World Bank, Washington. Read the interview…
Effects of the War in Ukraine on Supply Chains and Logistics
Image of the country Ukraine in the colors blue and yellow
What are the effects of the Russian war against Ukraine on supply chains and logistics? How do Hamburg companies assess the prospects for their business in Eastern Europe? Representatives from business and academia discussed the following at the joint conference of German Eastern Business Association (OA) and KLU. Read more ...
Career Connect (February 15, 2023)
Career Connect
Join our new network event, Career Connect! This exclusive in-person event offers excellent opportunities to recruit KLU's top talent from logistics and business, with excellent company visibility through networking, job advertising, 1:1 speed pitches, and employer branding. Spread the word and register now…
Trust the machine! Enhancing the cooperation of humans and AI
A women walking down the aisle of a futuristic storage
Supply chain planners have the option of changing forecasts made by intelligent, self-learning software. Does this add value? And which forecast is more reliable, the software’s or the human’s? A current KLU study demonstrates: human intervention – on average – does not increase the accuracy of AI-based forecasts. Read more…
GATE Research Project on Lowering Freight-Transport Emissions
Cloud with CO2 and arrow pointing to the ground in front of green point
We need to lower CO2 emissions in road transport, too. Here haulage companies are vital. In Europe, 99% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). How can SMEs better calculate their CO2 emissions? GATE, a new project by KLU, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), and German Logistics Association (BVL) respond. Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). Read more ...
Pay for Performance Encourages Aggressive Behavior
Men with suitcase reaches for a big trophy
A nice bonus on top of your salary – tempting, right? What’s thought of as a performance booster has its shadow side. Researchers at KLU, Universität Hamburg, and BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo found out that employees who receive performance-based compensation might go into fight mode and behave more aggressively. Read more…
CEO Study: Marriage Encourages Sense of Responsibility
CEO closing his jacket
Being married to your job isn’t enough to do your company good. Living as a married person, however, reduces the likelihood of risky business such as insider trading among CEOs. This was shown in a recent study, “CEO Marital Status and Insider Trading,” by KLU (Prof. Dr. Shushu Liao), Auckland University of Technology, and La Trobe University, Melbourne. Read more…
Love at Second Glance – Alumni Story with Jan Frahnert
Jan Frahnert
Today he’s at home in the world of ships and containers. Hamburg logistics entrepreneur and KLU alumnus, Jan Frahnert (MSc Global Logistics, class of 2016) has gotten more than one startup off the ground in the field. But that wasn’t always the case. Logistics was love at a second glance for him. Who set them up? Kühne Logistics University. Read the interview…
Podcast: Das Gleiche in Grün?! (in German)
Podcast Das Gleiche in Grün?!
Don’t miss it! There are new episodes of the podcast on sustainability and logistics by Professor of Sustainability, Moritz Petersen and the Irgendwas mit Logistik initiative. Zero44 measures the CO2 emissions of ships. Logistics provider Rhenus presents its sustainability strategy. And what is humanitarian logistics anyway? Listen to the podcast (in German)…
Decarbonizing Urban Logistics
Prof. Alan McKinnon
Prof. Alan McKinnon presents five decarbonization strategies in urban logistics, with the aim of net zero greenhouse gas emissions along the “last mile” of delivery. Listen to the Postal Hub Podcast…
BarTalk: Sustainable Supply Chain Management (in German)

What’s the role of training and further education for managers in sustainable supply chain management? Christoph Kiese of KLU Executive Education, discusses this in an interview. He was a guest on BarTalk, a new program by Hamburg Logistics Initiative (LIHH), at the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin. Explore the programs of KLU Executive Education…
Ensure a Green Future Now – SuMO Certificate Program
The new part-time certificate program SuMO (Sustainable Management and Operations) is a unique opportunity to acquire the conceptual fundamentals of sustainable management flexibly and efficiently. SuMO teaches the latest scientific insights, offers guidance, and supports exchange both with academic experts and like-minded people in other fields.
Apply now
ENLOP & NETLOP Certificate Program Completion
This year’s ENLOP- and NETLOPers successfully completed the certificate program in logistics and supply chain management. The expansion of their own network was an important component. The programs took place at universities throughout Europe over the course of six months and featured exciting excursions. Pics here…
Application deadline: March 2023
Informationen anfragen
LogisticsTech Talks
LogisticsTech Talk
Time: 19-21 Uhr
Language: English
LogisticsTech Talks is coming to KLU in December to feature the “last mile.” Circus Kitchens and Bringoom, two beacons of the last mile movement, provide their insights and field questions from the audience. After the talks, the evening will continue with music, food, and drinks. Register now…
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► NDR Hamburg Journal, 26/10/2022 – Hamburger Hafen-Deal: HHLA-Chefin begrüßt Kompromiss ("Hamburg port deal: HHLA boss welcomes compromise", Min. 2:35, Prof. Gordon Wilmsmeier)
► Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, 21/10/2022 – Prof. Strothotte on the DVZ Red Sofa (Deutscher Logistik Kongress)
► Journal of Management Studies, 10/10/2022 – Kissing up and kicking down: When, why, and how managers do it
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