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Dear Ms. Martinetti,

Was the pharmacy recently out of something you needed? I hope not! From important cancer medicines to antipyretics, drug shortages are challenging politics and industry. Why are these shortages becoming more frequent and what can we do about it? Read more in the current study by Prof. Kai Hoberg.
I, too, have been involved in researching the management of pharmaceutical supply chains. The root causes of drug shortages and quality risks in Europe are the globalization of pharmaceutical manufacturing and the increasing complexity and opaqueness of its supply chains. What are your experiences? Write to me!
Here are some more topics in this newsletter. Executive Education: Our SuMO program, Sustainable Management and Operations, has begun! Here’s what participants say. Research: The ce:VersA project, led by KLU, is paving the way for a more circular economy in the automotive industry. People: Leadership and job sharing are a great match, Alida Tiemann of Tchibo said in our Alumni Story.
Enjoy the longer days of spring. Besides, we wish you a stimulating read.
Prof. Dr. Ivan Lugovoi
Assistant Professor of Medical and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management
Guest Editor
P.S.: Looking for new talents? We regularly host opportunities for companies to get to know our KLU students and graduates, most recently our Career Connect event. Watch the video…
Company Interview: LaLog Landlogistik
News: New KLU president | Career Connect | Managers Job Sharing | Cooperation: Circular Economy in Automotive Industry | Book: Future of Logistics & SCM | Welcome: Ivan Lugovoi | Study: Drug Shortages | Advantage: Cultural Diversity
Executive Education: SuMO Kickoff | Open Day
Events: Logtech Festival | Meet us: transport logistic | DVZ Sustainablility Day
KLU in the Media: Selection
... with Anja Sylvester, LaLoG LandLogistik
Drawing Landlogistik
Rethinking logistics, especially in rural areas – that’s Anja Sylvester and LaLoG LandLogistik GmbH’s commitment. The tools: innovation, networking, and business and science synergies. More on the goals of the LandLogistik network and the role bus-riding parcels play in our interview …
New President Andreas Kaplan
Picture Prof. Andreas Kaplan
In May 2023, Andreas Kaplan will begin as the new KLU President. “I look forward to the challenge of guiding KLU and crafting the next steps of its development,” Prof. Kaplan said. He boasts 15 years of experience in European university management. Learn more...
Career Connect 2023

Career Connect has connected 150 students and alumni to 16 companies. Both sides got to know each other in exciting formats and discussed tangible entry opportunities at companies. Do you want to be informed about events like this? Contact us!
Managers Job Sharing? Here’s How – with Alumna Alida Tiemann
Part-time management, does it work? Alida Tiemann, KLU Class of 2013, says yes. She’s worked for Tchibo for 10 years and is currently Head of Supply Chain Management B2B. Her tips for successful job sharing as a manager and what excites her about logistics in our interview…
Drug Shortage Study
Several drugs on a table
Why are drug shortages becoming more frequent? In his current study, Prof. Kai Hoberg examined possible causes and how we can be better prepared. Learn more…
More Circular Economy in the Automotive Industry
More recycling and repairs instead of new goods. This is how the European automotive industry intends to further environmental protection and cut costs. KLU, Circularity e.V., and Encory GmbH have joined forces in the research collaboration Ce:VersA – Circular Reverse Supply Chains in Automotives. Learn more…
The Future of Logistics and SCM
Book cover
How are global logistics and supply chain strategies shaping up in the next decade? What are the skills necessary for mastering the challenges ahead? Prof. Kai Hoberg’s new book melds the voices of scientists and practitioners to answer just these questions. Learn more…
Welcome to KLU, Prof. Ivan Lugovoi
Prof. Ivan Lugovoi
We welcome Ivan Lugovoi, our new Professor of Medical & Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management. Your expert for supply-chain optimization to prevent drug shortages and avoid quality risks. Learn more…
Cultural Diversity in Company Boards
a diverse group of managers
How does the cultural diversity of company boards affect the competitiveness of companies? Prof. Shushu Liao shows the advantages a diverse board entails and why businesses benefit. Learn more…
Fit For Sustainability: SuMO Kickoff
Here we go! In March 2023, our "Sustainable Management and Operations" (SuMO) program has started! The one-year, part-time program trains professional and managerial staff in sustainability with cutting-edge scientific content, integrated learning formats, and strong practical relevance. Participants' insights here…
Open Day at KLU (Apr. 1)
Become a name in leadership by generating real, sustainable value(s) for your business, your society, and yourself. KLU's Executive Education is presenting their programs at the upcoming Open Day: Choose your favorite from MBA, Open Enrollment Seminars, Customized Programs or our SuMO program!
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BVL @ LOGTECH Festival, Hamburg (Jun. 29)
Logtech Festival
Language: German
The LogTech Festival is the event for technology and innovation enthusiasts in logistics. Startups will present themselves and innovation leaders their exciting solutions and products on June 29 at Edelfettwerk. Network and enjoy the great festival lineup. Learn more…
Let's talk @ transport logistic, Munich (May 9-12)
transport + logistic
We are partners of the Gateway Hamburg of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg at this year's transport logistic in Munich. Stop by in Hall B3 at Booth 209/310. Learn more...
Copyright Logo: Messe München GmbH
DVZ Sustainability Day on KLU Campus (Apr. 4)
dvz sustainability day
Language: German
What has already been achieved in terms of sustainability in logistics? Where does the industry need a transformation now - and what do the pioneers offer? Join us for a discussion at the 3rd DVZ Sustainability Day at KLU.
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